Beyond Black Belt Syllabus


Systematic, rotational Syllabus
for Black Belts

Hall's Taekwondo prides itself in a special Beyond Black Belt Syllabus developed by Masters who are committed to continuous Taekwondo Training supporting  life values and activities.
This Syllabus is the formula to Black Belt Excellence and the first of its kind, world-wide.  It is a full colour 180 page complete curriculum from 1st Poom / Dan to 5th Dan authored by Jeanette and Martin Hall, supported by a strong team of Hall’s Taekwondo Instructors.

Beyond Black Belt Symbol
The Syllabus has 8 Rotations.  The Beyond Black Belt Symbol represents infinity or constant and neverending growth through the 8 Rotations and it further represents the Black Belt dobok and the well-earned Black Belt.  The Syllabus provides a rotational pathway for Black Belts of all ages and experience. 
Gradings are based on experience over time.  Students need to refer to the Standard Table of Time and Age limits for Promotion in the Records section of the Syllabus.  This follows the guidelines and requirements of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).  Further qualification is required through class attendance and it is expected that students wanting to grade attend a certain amount of classes during each 6 month rotational period to refine techniques and maintain black belt standard.  Everything is outlined in the Syllabus and we welcome any Kukkiwon certified black belt to make an appointment to discuss training at Hall’s Taekwondo and reap the benefits of this comprehensive curriculum.

At the beginning of each new Rotation students can choose to do 100% Black Belt Excellence according to the Rotation Checklists or specialise with 70% Poomsae, Sparring or Demo and 30% from Black Belt Excellence – areas already outlined as mandatory requirements.
Black Belt Excellence is a broad and thorough training system that covers WTF methods combined with a dynamic blend of techniques collected from the best of all martial arts.
Specialisations are uniquely offered as Grading content because we respect Black Belts’ changing desires to concentrate on specialised areas of Poomsae, Sparring and Demos and believe those efforts should be recognised at Grading time. 
Contact us to find out more and keep you on the winning edge whilst improving your well- deserved promotions!