Hall's Taekwondo Little Ninja Syllabus

Children love stories!  They love to relate to animal stories and they love their Taekwondo! Hall's Taekwondo's Little Ninja Syllabus has everything children aged 5 & 6 love.

Each term, or ‘round’ between each grading, we teach a different theme from the Little Ninja Syllabus that is introduced through the story of an endearing animal that overcomes an obstacle to improve and gain more out of life.  The story involves the children in a fun, engaging, activity based manner.  Taekwondo skills are learnt and developed by relating to the animal’s character and favourite activities. 

Within each highlighted theme are all 8 Little Ninja themes.  They are threaded through each story.

But each term, one particular theme is showcased.  Children discover that, just like the characters in the Syllabus, they can only master their skills when they utilise all 8 Little Ninja themes:
1.    Listening
2.    Focus
3.    Control
4.    Attitude
5.    Confidence
6.    Discipline
7.    Awareness
8.    Teamwork

Supporting their experience, students earn specially made stickers throughout their ‘round’.  They take them home to show and share their success with their parents and carefully position them in their Syllabus. 

By Grading time they must have at least 5 out of 8 stickers in their Syllabus to qualify for their Grading. It is the Instructor’s responsibility to ensure the student’s continued achievement and have them ready to Grade.

Little Ninjas improve their skills and build confidence with reward for achievement.  Students and parents alike, enjoy the learning experience.  All the while, the children are getting fit and healthy and believing in themselves!

Instructors are satisfied their Little Ninjas are forming strong Taekwondo foundations before they graduate at age 7, advancing to Commandos & the 360° Syllabus on the path to Black Belt.

Little Ninjas are 5 & 6 years of age and they can start Taekwondo at any time.  A 6½ yr old child might spend just 6 months in the Little Ninja’s program and a 5 yr old beginner might be in the Little Ninja program for 2 years.   The Syllabus engages everyone.  It is colourful and full of variety and includes a Grading Card and Grading Record supporting a different coloured 'Little Ninja specific' belt each grading. 

Contact us to find out more about this unique program and allow us to explain further our Little Ninja Syllabus!