Teaching Children to deal with Bullying

In regular, age specific classes, Hall's Taekwondo teaches children how to deal with Bullies.  Strong messages are conveyed to stop conflict before it starts.

  • What is a bully?
  • Why does a bully become a bully?
  • Standing in a bully’s shoes
  • What choices do you have when dealing with a bully?
  • How does becoming ‘empty’ fill you with power?
  • How does refusing to fight give you great strength?
  • How does accepting your fear give you courage?
  • How to be a full moon on a dark night
  • How to see only what’s there
  • The Act that conquers fear
  • Thinking on Your Feet
  • Power comes from understanding yourself
  • Use authority by telling others about the bully
  • Take a stance

The “A.R.M.” approach
Three lines of self defence so that children understand that they must use their minds – the most powerful weapon they have – to determine which line of defence they will need to call upon in their particular situation.

We avoid conflict by understanding and being aware of it.  When we recognize that a fight or conflict is brewing and we can SEE it about to start, we can attempt to do something to prevent it.

When a conflict has already begun – we have not been able to prevent or AVOID it – we can attempt to stop it by using non-violent verbal skills.

When we cannot AVOID a conflict, and we cannot do anything to RESOLVE IT, this is the time we may call upon our physical skills to humanely stop it.



  • Learning to understand why people do the things they do helps stop conflict?
  • When you stand in a bully’s shoes, and see through the bully’s eyes, you begin to understand the bully’s point of view and you become MENTALLY stronger?
  • Your greatest confidence comes from thinking on your feet – using mental skills to take charge of a situation without fighting – without using physical defence skills?
  • If one person can stop a fight before it starts, ALL fighting can end! Then no one loses, everyone wins, and the score is even.
  • “Mind like Moon” means you are aware of an attack and can act immediately.  It also means that you SEE violence – and you UNDERSTAND why someone would want to do harm, as a bully might.
  • When your mind is still and unmuddled by old fears, it can achieve the ability to see, understand and act immediately to handle a problem.
  • The more you are able to turn negative thinking into positive thinking, the more you’re able to strengthen your mind.
  • When your mind is clear, caught up in your form and movement, you go beyond yourself – beyond fear, beyond aggression, beyond violence.

Bully Proof Your Kids

Belt-up for success
 and bullyproof yourself!

With a strong Black
Belt mindset you will develop the body and skills that are required in order to move on to greater degrees of success in your life.

You will gain strength of character, humility and the willingness to learn. Your strong mindset becomes an invisible shield, bullyproofing against menacing thoughts and negative influences. Others will sense it too! You follow your ultimate dream. We teach you the core values to handle the success you create!

The 80-20 rule
Getting what you want is often overwhelming because we concentrate too much on how, and not what we want. If we consume ourselves with questions of how and if only, and one day I’ll, then we’ll miss the precious opportunities presented to us in our moment of preparation, that some people define as luck.

Everything you do in life, particularly in sport and shaping your body is a result of 80% black belt mindset and 20% skill or training. It may take two years to teach a student how to execute a perfect roundhouse kick. In two years you could have the skill of an Olympic champion, but to have the mindset of a champion, is a lifetime commitment.

Coach’s corner:
I was training a girl for the Olympics. She was under 49kg. I said to her that we would prepare for sparring at the Olympics without fighting. We would prepare for fighting in the Olympics in our minds. She thought I was crazy! I told her to start moving around the court as if she were fighting Chinese Taipei in the finals. She put herself into state with a strong fighting form and she began to move around the court with intricate footwork; switch, slide in, step out, switch, step out, kick, slid out, triple roundhouse.

After 30 seconds I called "STOP!" "Why did you tell me to stop?” she asked.
 “If you’re training here, you’ll never get there. You must train your mind to be there- the Olympics. As you perform today will be how you perform tomorrow,” I said. She stared at me blankly, not understanding...

“You lost the 3Fs! If your fizziology (physiology), focus, feeling are not committed to getting that point... Game over! You must be wholly present, completely aware,”I said.

It took her 6 months to be able to spar an imaginary opponent for nine minutes mastering the 3Fs. On the day of the Olympics she fought exactly the way she had in my Dojang in Brunswick and that day she won the first Olympic gold medal in the history of Taekwondo in the world.

You must condition yourself to live with a black belt mindset by attaching powerful, positive feelings to peak experiences.

– Martin Hall