Directors' Message

Together we have been associated with Hall’s Taekwondo since its inception.

In 2014 we celebrated 30 years of full-time Taekwondo Centres and 34 years of marriage.

We feel privileged to have experienced the development of Taekwondo in Australia and helped shape Taekwondo in the community so that it has become a very real fitness choice. Some years ago we branded Hall’s Taekwondo ‘Fitness with Meaning’ because we felt so strongly that it was a fitness choice supported by a strong mindset. Today, the branding means even more!

Hall’s Taekwondo offers very exciting programs for all ages. Years of study and experience have evolved age specific Taekwondo Programs and teaching methods.

We value education and the supporting structure of a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

Our Instructors and Staff are of the same mould and strive to inject students with enthusiasm and a hunger for continual improvement. It is a matter of course that they all have Working with Children credentials and up-to-date First Aid.

In teaching, we have learnt most of all that learning and performance is based on a strong link between physical skills, intellectual skills, emotional skills and social skills. The synergy of the four skill areas is reflected in our specific Taekwondo programs developing students to reach their full potential.

As well as Taekwondo Programs we have Club Kaizen, the supporting structure for fitness programs based on continual improvement, Training and Education through the Melbourne College of Sportsystems, Active Speaking, Working with Schools, Demonstrations and hosting Taekwondo Birthday Parties.

The future direction of Hall’s Taekwondo will take us along many challenging, exciting and creative paths. We cordially invite you to join us on a journey that will enhance your lifestyle.

- Martin & Jeanette Hall