TKD Syllabus

We are a Black Belt club. We take our martial arts thinking to all aspects of life.

We create outstanding value by magnifying the focus of instructors and students towards self-mastery through the core club philosophy of constant and never-ending improvement.

Taekwondo is about combining action with attitude to continually challenge ourselves to improve to reach and maintain our full potential.

To defend yourself in today’s modern world we need to get your body into peak form. We need to give you a defence against the constant attacks that are forced on our body; from the food we eat through advertising to the air we breathe. We are a Black Belt club, we are interested in people who are committed to go to Black Belt. We will get you Fit  for Life and show you how to have the skills for life to reach your full potential.

How it works

There are 10 cycles to Black Belt

» A cycle duration is 3 months or a school term of training. All club members learn the same new skills allowing the whole class to move forward as one, focusing on obtaining a high physical standard, skill level and a synergised mindset that combines action with attitude. The skills in each cycle are new and challenging for all belt levels; adding up over 10 cycles to achieve your Black Belt.

» Everyone starts their journey in cycle one foundation class learning the basic skills that are the solid foundation to enter the next core cycle. You will commence each cycle at the start of each school term. Each completed cycle, will accredit you with a new belt level.

» Although students are learning the same work during each cycle, students are graded with different expectations according to the time students have trained, belt levels and age groups.

» Classes are according to age levels.  Joeys aged 3-4, Little Ninjas aged 5-6, Commandos aged 7-9, Leaders aged 10-13, Teens 13-16, Adults 17+

» After completing nine cycles, students move into the tenth cycle, Integration, and prepare for the transition to Black Belt. This specialised cycle is to revise, fortify and assume the Black Belt mindset necessary to become a qualified  Black Belt.

» Upon entering Black Belt classes you have obtained all the basics and are ready to truly master yourself and be in control of your own destiny and continue the process of constant and never-ending improvement.

Cycles at a Glance, recognised by the 8 Trigrams flanked either side by Foundation and Black Belt

Before any languages were written our Asian ancestors developed a line symbol system to represent universal phenomena.  They saw 8 different images of sky, earth, thunder, wind, fire, water, mountain and lake.  Solid lines represent motion, elevation, hard and strong images.  A broken line represents motionless, depression, soft and weak images.  In later times, people called the solid line yang and the broken line yin.

Taekwondo Taegeuk Patterns are associated in meaning and form to the 8 Trigrams.  The patterns are not linked to belt colours but need to be mastered before the student reaches Black Belt.  Hall’s Taekwondo masters one new pattern per cycle. Students can move into any one of the 8 Trigram Cycles from Foundation  but they must complete all 8 Cycles before they move into Integration, preparation for Black Belt.   Students of different belt colours bring prior learnings to their cycle content.