General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As a new beginner, will I have sore muscles?
Yes, this is very likely. Your body is communicating to you that it needs exercise and conditioning. Body strength and toning are lost through inactivity. Similarly, exercise strengthens and tones your body.

Q. What should I do to alleviate the pain of sore muscles?
Don't skip class, get the blood circulating in those muscles with light stretching and light Taekwondo conditioning. Your muscles so they become stronger and able to deal with any strenuous activity.

Q. What should I eat before and after training to become a healthier athlete?
Basically, "living waters and live foods", which means food that are high in water content such as fruit and vegetables. These foods are quickly absorbed into the body, require little energy to digest (saving that energy for your training), and are converted quickly to energy, which you can use. These foods' high water content is essential for hydration before and after training.

Q. How long will it take to get my Black Belt?

With consistent practise, it should take you approximately 2½  years or 10 Cycles.

Q. How many classes can I do a week?
We encourage you to do 2-3 classes per week. Joeys can do one visit per week but everyone else needs at least 2 for maximum physical and mindset results. You can train at any of our Centres for the one fantastic monthly or term fee.

Q. Will I lose weight whilst practising Taekwondo?
Yes, very likely. Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, you will lose body fat and tone your muscles. If weight loss is not your desire, then you should speak to us about tailoring a diet program and exercise program to "bulk you up" rather than reduce your weight.





Q.How can I improve my health and energy right now?
Practise "Power breathing". Breathe in to the count of 1, hold for 4 counts, and slowly release the breath to the count of 2. This is a ratio of 1,4,2.

Q. How often do you have Championships and what kind of Championships do you run?

Club Championships for all belt levels are run at least once a year. State and National Championships for yellow belts upwards, are held twice a year for those who are showing an interest in competition.

Q. Can I join a Demo Team?
Yes, you will be invited to participate in Demo Team Training once you have reached Black Belt.  Demo Teams are part of our Beyond Black Belt programs and something students look forward to.

Q. Are there Black Belt Camps?
Yes, again, Black Belts Camps are Beyond Black Belt programs, run annually for Juniors.   These are extremely popular, fun events building friendships and confidence, honing black belt skills and development for 3 days.  Our qualified Instructors attend coupled by qualified YMCA staff at  regional camp facilities.

Q. Are there extra programs for the Adults?
Not restricted to Club Members, we have fitness programs in Club Kaizen for continual improvement.

Q. Are private lessons available?
Yes, very popular.

Q. When do I get a membership card?
Our memberships are on a computerised system. You will receive a personal ID barcoded membership card to scan each visit.

Q. Do you have social events?
Yes. Never compulsory, but always fun.