Little Ninjas Syllabus


Base Training for Early Learners

Little Ninjas is for children aged around five and six. As with all Hall’s Taekwondo programs, the curriculum is carefully designed to be age and skill appropriate. Little Ninjas covers eight themes involving endearing animals and obstacles to learn from.

Children this age love stories and relate easily to animals and emotions. The Little Ninjas Syllabus engages children in fun, imaginative activities that teach taekwondo and life skills by relating cleverly to animal behaviours and characteristics.


The unique Hall’s Taekwondo Little Ninjas Syllabus threads eight themes through each class, but focuses on one particular theme each term:

Listening, Focus, Control, Attitude, Confidence, Discipline, Awareness, Teamwork

Little Ninjas continues to teach children the power of healthy living through play, and how to achieve goals through participation and concentration.

Little Ninjas Resource Folder

All Little Ninjas receive a comprehensive, colourful syllabus folder. Like the Joeys program, they can follow along with the vibrant curriculum, and have fun recording their progress. Our integrated teaching and learning continues to encourage participation, creativity, independence, confidence and concentration.


Little Ninjas focuses on one theme per term or ‘round’. Each theme is represented by the tale of an animal that overcomes an obstacle to improve and gain more out of life. For example, Leo the Lion learns that LISTENING is a powerful tool, while Tom the Tiger comes to realise that ATTITUDE makes a big difference.

As children progress through the syllabus, they discover that, just like the characters in each story, true learning and achievement come only when they can apply all eight Little Ninja attributes in every situation to overcome their obstacles.

Reward Cards, Grading and Belt Presentations

Students earn special stickers each round to mark their progress. By grading time each term, Little Ninjas must have earned stickers for at least five of the eight themes. Our instructors carefully guide students towards success in each module, and grading and coloured belt presentations are always special occasions.

Pathway to Taekwondo Juniors and Beyond

The Little Ninjas Syllabus ensures children have a strong foundation for graduation at around age seven to Commandos and the pathway to black belt and beyond.

Little Ninjas Parent Guide

The Little Ninjas Parent Guide included in the resource folder is a comprehensive guide to the course, coloured belt and dress codes and how grading works.