International Women's Day 07 March

Hall's Taekwondo

International Women's Day 07 March

Each year International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated in March.

Our self defence sessions, just for women and girls (13+), promote a healthy body, strong mind and invincible spirit.

This special class is @ Hall's Taekwondo for Women only.

  • Hall's Taekwondo Brunswick
    448 Moreland Road
    West Brunswick VIC 3055
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Preston
    62a Albert Street
    Preston VIC 3072
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Port Melb
    429 Graham Street
    Port Melbourne VIC 3207
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Sunshine
    178 Duke Street
    Sunshine VIC 3020
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Tullamarine
    261 Mickleham Road
    Tullamarine VIC 3043
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Hall's Taekwondo Centres - All Welcome!
07 March, 2019
FREE session - Showbags for friends
Casual clothes for everyone

The ARM Approach

Avoid, Resolve and Manage

We teach you to ARM yourself: AVOID through awareness, RESOLVE via non-physical skills and MANAGE when necessary using your physical and mental resources. Enjoy learning to empower yourself in the company of like-minded and resourceful women.

Why Self Defence for Women Matters

  • Increase your self esteem by recognising your capabilities
  • Familiarise yourself with threatening situations
  • Learn the value of self-defence and non-violence
  • Improve your situational awareness to avoid threats
  • Learn that a proactive response is preferable to inaction
  • Master simple, effective techniques you can use immediately
  • Enjoy the company and support of like-minded women