Sports themed Dress-Up Day 31 August

Hall's Taekwondo

Sports themed Dress-Up Day 31 August

Dear Parents of JOEYS, Little Ninjas, Commandos and Leaders,
We would like you to come along to your child’s regular class for one session of training on Saturday 31 August.

We want you to ‘team up’ with your child, on the Taekwondo mats. The students will be proud to share some of their cool moves with you and be sure you are self defence smart.
Simply wear loose comfortable clothing (or sports themed), bring some water to drink and then join us in class.
We look forward to seeing you!

  • Hall's Taekwondo Brunswick
    448 Moreland Road
    West Brunswick VIC 3055
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Preston
    62a Albert Street
    Preston VIC 3072
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Port Melb
    429 Graham Street
    Port Melbourne VIC 3207
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Sunshine
    178 Duke Street
    Sunshine VIC 3020
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  • Hall's Taekwondo Tullamarine
    261 Mickleham Road
    Tullamarine VIC 3043
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At all Hall's Taekwondo Centres.

Regular JOEYS, Little Ninjas, Commandos & Leaders class times.

Sports themed Dress-Up Day 31 August, 2019

JOEYS & Little Ninjas

Hey Kids... You are invited to wear your favourite Sports Themed outfit to class..

Dad’s a good choice so close to Father’s Day! Give your parent a chance to learn some self defence moves to heighten their awareness.

Saturday 31 August, 2019