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  • Sports themed Dress-Up Day 31 August
    Sports themed Dress-Up Day – JOEYS, Little Ninjas, Commandos & Leaders. Bring Dad to class celebrating Father’s Day!
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  • Self Defence for Men & Women 23 & 24 October
    ​Our self defence sessions, not just for women and girls (13+) but also men and teenage boys, promote a healthy body, strong mind and invincible spirit. BRING-A-FRIEND FOR FREE DURING ADULT CLASS TIMES
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  • Twilight Pizza Night 25 October, 2019
    Bring-a-Buddy Twilight Halloween Pizza / Game Event for all Juniors and their friends.
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  • FREE $25 Intro
    Thinking of starting Taekwondo? Now is the time! Special offer for new members on now - FREE $25 INTRO
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