Athlete Seminars


Masterclasses for Hall’s Taekwondo Members

Managing Director and 8th Dan Grandmaster Martin Hall runs regular masterclasses for Hall’s Taekwondo members. Masterclasses can unlock the secrets to technique, focus, speed, power and your own indomitable spirit. In addition, Martin brings the deeper philosophy of taekwondo to life with textured stories from more than 40 years of martial arts training, embodying the spirit of taekwondo for freedom and justice. Masterclasses are a special component of the programs below.

Poomsae Athletes

Poomsae or ‘formwork’ is a solo training discipline that perfects movement in patterns for speed, power, grace and balance. Poomsae competition at state, national and international level requires a high degree of technique. Hall’s Taekwondo Poomsae classes range from development to elite and all students are supported by world-class coaches.

Masterclass in Poomsae is offered to athletes who regularly participate in Poomsae Class as part of their Platinum membership. Good preparation is the key to great physical and mental performance.

Sparring Athletes

Sparring classes are aimed at students interested in competition, as well as seasoned competitors who want to maintain and improve their skills. Our carefully monitored sparring classes develop reflexes, contact techniques and mental strength.

Martin Hall offers Masterclass in Sparring every Saturday afternoon, when students interested in sparring come together at Hall’s Taekwondo Tullamarine for Competition Simulation.

Cho Dan Bo Students

Martin Hall takes a Masterclass for all Cho Dan Bo students preparing for their Black Belt. Each week, for the term leading up to the prestigious Black Belt Grading, all Cho Dan Bo students from all Hall’s Taekwondo Centres come together for Masterclass with Martin. This training is in addition to regular classes that students attend with Head Instructors at their home Centres.

There is no charge for Cho Dan Bo Masterclass. They are about pride and integrity, and acknowledging the effort and commitment that students have made to reach this level.