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Anywhere, anytime, all ages

Train at home, but not alone

Simply get started online, anywhere, anytime. As much or as little as you like. We have active workouts that make great sense to our new martial artists. You can do this.

We're on a mission to coach children and adults in fitness with meaning, even if they can’t make it to our Taekwondo Centres. Training online or on our mats, our training programs make you feel amazing; instantly improving strength, flexibility, coordination and well-being.

We have no doubt you will enjoy our goal orientated classes that are results driven. There's a good chance you'll stick with it until you get your black belt! Hundreds have. We hope you do too.


For just $9 you will have 7 days’ exclusive access to online classes plus one livestream class at Foundation Level.

Explore a library of beginner’s Taekwondo with bonus fitness activities for children and adults of all ages. Little Taeks have added Happy Fit and Adults have HIIT and FLOW. Everyone benefits from our tips on creating new habits.

After your Intro you can virtually train online to black belt. As a member of Hall’s Taekwondo you are always welcome to attend classes at our full-time Centres. But it’s all about YOU and your distance, availability and scheduling.


Bypass the Intro and jump right in to a Virtual Foundation Membership. This way, you’ll instantly be part of our Hall’s Taekwondo community, proven to accelerate results.

Regardless of your age there is something for everyone; techniques and skills that enhance fitness and well-being and really make great sense to our new martial artists.

Once you’ve mastered Foundation we will unlock further online access to Intermediate and Advanced levels so you can learn more and train to different belt levels. Consistency really does get results.