Brand: Hall's Taekwondo


For Juniors aged 7-14 yrs and Teens & Adults aged 15+ yrs, this Home Based Training pack is uniquely designed by Hall's Taekwondo to set you up for your JOURNEY TO BLACK BELT. Most everything you need to get started is included.

$230 Starter Pack includes everything:

  • White Uniform unique to Hall’s Taekwondo, quality Dobok complete with embroidery
  • White Belt sized to suit uniform
  • Boxing gloves to enhance your training performance (sizes are by glove weight) YELLOW 6oz (7+ yrs), BLUE 8oz (10+ yrs), RED 10oz (15+ yrs) or BLACK 14oz (15+ yrs)
  • Australian Taekwondo Registration & Insurance
  • Journey to Black Belt Syllabus & Record Book unique to Hall's Taekwondo
  • Training back sack for training gear or recreation (colours randomly selected during shipping)
Product Details
  • White uniform sizes guided by student's height eg size 2/150cm (150cm height) and are a relaxed fit
  • White uniforms ribbed high quality fabric, durable for energetic wear and easy laundering. Featuring elastic and drawstring waisted pant
  • Boxing gloves are a foam construction for natural fist position, simple velcro wrist straps, compact design for fist closure & power. Padded for comfort and protection. Durable design lasts workout after workout - easy to wipe with a damp cloth.