Cho Dan Bo Students: going for Black Belt

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For the first time we are running LIVESTREAM GRADINGS for the majority of our students. We are proud of the way everyone has adapted to online training. Our Cho Dan Bo students, going for Black Belt will be doing a face-to-face Grading at our Tullamarine Centre on SATURDAY 18 JULY. You only ever go for Black Belt once and we are delighted to be grading you on our mats with every respect for social distancing.

Keep an eye on your Home Based Training profile page. As your skill assessments are recorded you receive coloured stars. You should have already registered at Head Office for Black Belt, including KUKKIWON. If not, please do so, as we cannot accept online payments due to belt and uniform sizing, embroidery and Kukkiwon requirements.

  • Taekwondo is goal orientated
  • Gradings are student testings towards belt promotions
  • Belts are a symbol of where you are now and where you're headed!
Product Details
  • Please pay in person at Head Office to properly fit a new dobok and anticipated black belt and fill-in Kukkiwon forms for quick dispatch once you pass your Grading.
  • 20% discount has been applied to Black Belt grading fee component. No family discounts apply to this item, this time
  • To finalise your Grading registration please deliver your Grading Book to your Centre at allocated times, ahead of Grading date
  • Books, belts, certificates will be presented at your Black Belt Grading