Black Belts: going for 3rd Poom/Dan Levels 1-8 (Final)


This payment, together with your Membership Number above, registers you for the SEPTEMBER LIVESTREAM GRADING. We are proud of the way you train online and know you will grade well on our virtual platform.

Keep an eye on your Home Based Training profile page. As your skill assessments are recorded you receive coloured stars. You are ELIGIBLE to pay for your Grading as soon as you achieve your 4th STAR. When you pass your Grading your VIRTUAL BELT will automatically change Poom/Dan Levels and a new VIRTUAL GRADING CERTIFICATE will appear ready for download. The real things will be presented at your Centre when we return.

  • Taekwondo is goal orientated
  • Gradings are student testings towards belt promotions
  • Belts represent years of dedicated martial arts training
Product Details
  • By entering your membership number and purchasing online you are registering for your Grading
  • 20% LIVESTREAM discount has already been applied to all grading fees. No family discounts apply to this item, this time
  • Grading Fee includes Kukkiwon Certificate, Belt embroidery and Boards for board breaking
  • Books, belts, certificates will be presented at your Centre when classes resume
  • In the meantime enjoy your new virtual belts and certificates on your Home Based Training student profile