Registration for Black Belt


Congratulations! We know you are working hard, preparing for your BLACK BELT grading. If we've asked you to visit this page and register, it means we believe you'll soon be ready to grade.

While you are working on your techniques and black belt mindset we need to ensure we properly prepare:

  • Your personally embroidered Black Belt with your name
  • Your uniquely embroidered Black V-neck Dobok
  • Your Kukkiwon Certificate requirements to ensure black belt registration at the World Taekwondo Headqurters. Please email an up-to-date passport photo to info@hallstaekwondo.com.au together with completed registration form

Shortly after receiving your registration and order we will contact you to confirm your dobok and black belt size. We are excited to set everything aside, ready for your success!

  • Black Belt is a reflection of years of dedication and commitment
  • Register early and enjoy the black belt process
  • Once ordered you can imagine yourself as a black belt - dream, believe, achieve!
Product Details
  • All inclusive price covering:
  • Embroidered Black Belt complete with Hall’s Taekwondo logo, Poom/Dan stripes and your name
  • Grading Fee (20% discount due to COVID)
  • Beyond Black Belt Syllabus
  • Beyond Black Belt Record Book
  • Black V-neck uniform (dobok) complete with embroidery of Hall’s Taekwondo badge, gohalls on the arm and gohalls.com.au on the tail
  • Timber Boards (for breaking @ your Centre)
  • Kukkiwon Certificate, registration and card so it's ready to send the morning after you pass!