Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Carla Pala
  • 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Carla loves welcoming new Intros to our private Intro Dojangs and is also comfortable assisting in the main training halls
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • Certificate IV in Sport (Coaching) Martial Arts 2009
  • Currently completing Diploma (coaching) Martial Arts through MCS 2010-2011
  • Working with Children Card
  • Becoming an Instructor was awesome
  • Proud that I managed to fit in full time study and work, continuing training
  • Training at Hall’s in 1995 during Jeanette’s daytime classes
Why Carla loves Taekwondo
Taekwondo has made me overcome my shyness and improved my self esteem dramatically.
I love the raw energy of kicking and punching the bags and letting the stress release from my body. I love giving back to others an especially, I love doing Intros and initiating people into Taekwondo.
I follow the Hall’s Taekwondo teachings of ‘constant and never ending improvement’ and you can too if you book an Introductory program at Hall’s and start your journey without delay!