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Hall's Taekwondo

About Jeanette Hall

Jeanette Hall is the Co-founder and CEO of Hall's Taekwondo. She's also a 5th Dan Black Belt, with diplomas in Sport Coaching and Sport Development. With a background in journalism, PR and marketing, Jeanette leads day-to-day management at Hall's and contributes significantly to our unique and matchless course materials.

  • Jumping into a guy's taekwondo class in the mid '70s - the rest is history!
  • One of the first women to earn a Black Belt in Australia
  • Making the decision with my husband to create the first ever full-time ‘taekwondo only’ centre in Australia
  • Creating a life that supported being a working mum and allowed me to fulfill my human needs of certainty, significance, connection and love, growth and contribution while maintaining and sharing a healthy lifestyle
  • Pride in our 3 children as they evolve their own special talents
  • Celebrating more than 37 years of marriage to Martin and more than 33 years of full-time taekwondo centres
  • Every grading when our students do their best to succeed – their results are insignificant to their effort
  • Being at the microphone when Australia excelled at the 2000 Olympics and feeling Lauren Burns' joy when she said 'I did it!'
  • Encouraging female participation and helping women to succeed
Why Jeanette loves Taekwondo
It's now in my core and shapes my thoughts and processes every day. I believe this has reflected positively on my family and extended taekwondo family. Taekwondo has been my vehicle to health and success. It keeps me focused and energised. It brings out the best in me and keeps me in touch with peoples’ needs and desires.