Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Kyal Rode
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Diploma Sports Coaching
  • Working with Children Card
  • 8.5 years full-time Army experience
  • Serviced in the Middle East
  • Ground Self Defence specialist
  • Attained Black Belt in his teens then starting again in mid twenties
  • Becoming a Father in 2011
Why Kyal loves Taekwondo
Taekwondo allows me to pass on my limited experience to others through training, teaching and coaching.
I want to enrich the students’ lives with aspects of my past experiences in Martial arts and combat activities.
I am passionate about self-protection and awareness drawing on my experiences as an exponent of Military Self Defence, person under capture and detainee experiences, fitness and junior leader in the Army, past training in BJJ, haipkido, jiujitsu, kyokushin and various others where my work has taken me.