Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Mitchell Heyes
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt Assistant Instructor at Hall’s Taekwondo Tullamarine
  • Training at Hall’s Since 2008
  • Certificate III in Sport Coaching (Martial Arts)
  • Currently Studying a Double Bachelor of Science and Biomedical Science (BSc/BBiomedSc) at Monash University
  • Working with Children Check
  • Attaining 3rd Dan Black Belt
  • Year 12 College Captain
  • Multiple Academic Awards during VCE
  • Numerous Medals at Club and State Level Competition
  • Achieving a pass with distinction at my 1st Dan Black Belt grading
  • Being able to observe venturing white belts develop into skilled martial arts practitioners
  • Working and training with Instructors who taught me as a beginner martial artist
  • Being involved in the running of events such as demo days, gradings and club championships
Why Mitchell loves Taekwondo
I love Taekwondo because it is much more than a means of self defence. Qualities learnt in training such as discipline, focus, good attitude and numerous others can always be incorporated in other areas of life to help push us to be the best versions of ourselves possible.

Taekwondo is an dynamic art form which provides infinite room for improvement, no matter the skill level of the martial artist. This means there is always something new and exciting to learn, and when new skills are learnt, it gives an amazing feeling of success.

Aside from the underlaying lessons we learn from this martial art, Taekwondo is just fun! People of any age can get involved, and sometimes there is nothing is more satisfying than kicking a bag.