Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Peter Spiridis
  • 5th Dan Black Belt 
  • Certificate III in Sports Coaching
  • Working with Children Card
  • Qualified in First Ai
  • Keen Demo Team Member who has worked closely with Brunswick, Heidelberg and Tullamarine Teams
  • Helping students develop black belt skills and mindset
  • Perfecting a spinning heel board breaking technique
  • Training internationally
  • Double Degree with Honours in Law and Commerce
  • Recipient of Alfred Deakin Academic Scholarship
  • Member of the Golden Key Academic Society
  • Amateur Victorian Featherweight Champion Taekwondo 2017
  • Graduated with Honours Bachelor of Law/Commerce 2017
  • Recipient of the Alfred Deakin Academic Scholarship
  • Helen Wood House Prize for Business and Law
  • Membership in the Deakin Branch of the Golden Key Society
  • VCE score of 98.95
  • 100% for VCE Yr12 Legal Studies
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School Dux of Legal Studies 2010
  • 2011Ivanhoe Grammar School Dux of Commerce 2010
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School Dux of Business Management 2011
  • 2012Ivanhoe Grammar School Dux of Economics 2010, 2011,2012
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School Dux of Design and Technology 2010
  • Captain of Ivanhoe Grammar School Soccer Team
  • Captain of Ivanhoe Grammar School Table Tennis Team
  • Captain of Ivanhoe Grammar School Public Speaking Team
Why Peter loves Taekwondo
Hall’s Taekwondo provided me an environment to meet new friends, learn self defence and have fun whilst keeping fit. It has the structure and discipline that is missing from other forms of martial arts and has improved all aspects of my life. The skills I have gained from Taekwondo have enabled me to succeed in a variety of areas, giving me the dedication and confidence required for VCE, University and everyday situations.
Since becoming an Instructor I have met many new people and my skill and technique has improved dramatically. There is constant personal and physical development and improvement.
I love Taekwondo because it is a worldwide recognised sport that is both technical and physical.