Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Sam Wherrett
  • 5th Dan Head Instructor, Centre Manager of Hall’s Taekwondo Port Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Chemistry) from the University of Melbourne
  • Master of Science (MSc) (Chemistry) from the University of Melbourne
  • Certificate III in Sport Coaching
  • Diploma in Sport Coaching
  • Qualified Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard
  • 8th Grade Pianist and Composer
  • Working With Children Card
  • Training at Hall’s since 2004
  • Numerous medals at Club and State levels, particularly in Poomsae
  • Achieving 4th Dan
  • Being promoted to Manager and Head Instructor of Hall’s Taekwondo Port Melbourne
  • Watching children grow as I’ve coached and taught them from as young as four years old until they become Black Belt is a tremendous highlight of my career
Why Sam loves Taekwondo
My passion for Taekwondo is one born of stress release and focusing on the present. Throughout my school and university years, Taekwondo offered an outlet for the pressure of my education as well as the right environment to nurture my low self-confidence and build me up into the strong individual I feel I am today.
As an instructor, I feel privileged to help build character in other children as my instructors built within me years ago. Helping children grow and teaching them to apply maximum effort in their endeavours is extremely rewarding for me, especially when you see noticeable improvement in both their skill in Taekwondo as well as their attitude in class and towards others.