Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Sarah Currington
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness A.I.F
  • Bachelor of Arts/Education U.Q
  • Diploma in language/linguistics (German) U.Q.
  • Currently studying Bachelor of Media and Communication (online)
  • Working with children card
  • First Aid
  • Becoming a member at the Hall’s Taekwondo /Staff member
  • Witnessing the changes and growth in the students.
  • Being selected to be in the Demo Team Xtreme at only 1st Dan
  • Becoming a member at the Hall’s Taekwondo /Staff member
  • Attaining Black Belt
  • Attaining Bronze Medallion
  • Sailing from Brisbane to Sydney with the young Endeavour Team in a Tall ship
  • Winning gold at various State and National events
  • Attaining my Duke of Edinburgh Award
Why Sarah loves Taekwondo
Taekwondo has so many different levels and elements to offer each individual, even the most experienced of practitioners are still learning from this beautifully complicated art form. It is up to the individual to discover and take what they need/want from it and use it for positive change. Whilst some view Taekwondo as merely a combat sport or fitness opportunity, those who are enthusiasts know the true benefits it can offer. I love learning, and pride myself on my ability to challenge myself physically and mentally thus Taekwondo was an easy choice for me. Never had I come across something that resonated with me so much! Taekwondo to me means more than the words I can describe it with. It is my life and work – I live it and love it. My aim is to apply my skills from Taekwondo to help others. I want to impart my knowledge with the aid of Taekwondo to help other students live their life being their personal best with the right to live in safety.