Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Tiffiny Hall
  • 6th Dan Head Instructor
  • Founder of weightloss and fitness program TIFFXO.com
  • Author of 9 books SHOP
  • Logie nominated Televison personality: Biggest Loser, Gladiator, The Living Room and much more.  
  • Activewear designer TIFFINY HALL for FILA
  • Bachelor of Arts Media Communications - Melbourne University
  • Diploma in Modern Languages (French) -  Melbourne University
  • Diploma of Sport (Coaching)
  • Diploma of Sport (Development)
  • Les Mills qualified Instructor in Body Pump & Body Combat
  • Certificate 2 in Sports Administration
  • Working with Children Card
  • National and Australian champion in Poomsae
Why Tiffiny loves Taekwondo
The word ‘Taekwondo’ means foot, fist, art.  Art can be interpreted to mean 'a way of life'. Taekwondo, for me and my family, has always been a way of life. I will continue to practise Taekwondo because it keeps me connected to myself, my family and helping others to be fit and confident. Taekwondo can transform the body to be powerful and fit, but I also love the mindfulness of this martial art. The training you do in the dojang prepares you to be more resilient, confident and emotionally fit to deal with life.