Tiffiny Hall

Writer, Taekwondo enthusiast and television personality, Tiffiny Hall has many titles under her fifth Dan Black Belt.

Since making her television debut on Channel Seven hit show Gladiators where she starred as the charming ‘Angel’, Tiffiny’s TV credits have expanded to a regular spot on Channel Ten’s The Circle and  the popular Trainer on Network Ten’s hit show The Biggest Loser.   She is the author of How to Create your Ultimate Body and Keep It! (2009) and Weightloss Warrior: How to win the battle within (2011),  Fatloss for Good: the Secret Weapon (2012), Tiffiny's Lighten Up Cookbook (2012), the children's trilogy White Ninja (2012), Red Samurai (2012) and Black Warrior (2014), an amazing manual for creating a better you - every single day titled You Beauty! (2015) and NEW for teenagers, Maxi and The Magical Money Tree (2015).

Tiffiny’s television segments on lifestyle shows like The Circle and her innovative, holistic approach to weight loss on The Biggest Loser empowers everyone, with a strong anti-diet message that is both inspirational and authentic.

Tiffiny has a Bachelor of Arts/Media and Communications and a Diploma of Modern Languages in French from the University of Melbourne and works as a journalist in print and radio.

Taekwondo has always been the mind/body vehicle to Tiffiny fulfilling her passions.  Tiffiny started Taekwondo as a young Little Ninja but you can start Taekwondo at any age with specialised age specific Programs at Hall's Taekwondo.  Getting started is easy.  Tiffiny tells you why her fitness choice is Taekwondo:

Why Taekwondo?

The philosophy of taekwondo is about becoming one with the universe: living in harmony with your surroundings and yourself.  If you’re not at peace with your environment or emotions then you shield yourself from your inner and outer worlds.  You stop listening to your body and repress your feelings.  The Yin and Yang of taekwondo symbolise universal harmony and balance, in which the passive and active, the feminine and the masculine, form one whole. It’s when this balance falls out of whack that problems arise – like putting on weight.

The art of taekwondo begins with the individual and works to develop the character and positive moral and ethical traits of each practitioner upon this solid foundation.  The individual warrior can then pass onto others, through teachings and personal actions, the principles they’ve learned through their training.  Individuals unite and become a family; families bind together and form a community; communities merge and develop into nations; and nations become healthier and more harmonious as a result.  It’s the physical, mental and spiritual effort that you invest in your training that makes this possible and worthwhile.

Tiffiny's book, Weighloss Warrior is a fun, fresh approach to healthy eating, building a positive self-image and becoming your own expertly trained warrior within to protect you from bad choices, help you kick bad habits and give you powerful self defence.  Based around five chapters inspired by the coloured belts of Taekwondo, the book leads readers from white belt to black belt.

Tiffiny's Warrior Code: 

» Respect: love your body and your body will love you back
» Passion: follow your passion; let it be your compass in life
» Control: take control of who you are and so control who you will become
» Confidence: warriors are not forged in battle; they are forged in the mind. Believe yourself to be a warrior: powerful in body, centred in spirit and mentally strong.
» Commitment: commit to constant and never-ending improvement
» Discipline: train your mind and your mind will train your body
» Habit: create winning habits by making empowered, healthy choices
» Focus: focus on fitness with meaning, not just fat loss (knowing that focus precedes success)
» Voice: understand that your greatest enemy lies within.  Conquer it by speaking to yourself with love, respect and honour
» Value: value yourself and, in doing so, add value to your tribe

For more information about Tiffiny, check out her website