JOEYS, aged 3+ will love our ‘under the sea’ themed JOEYS Syllabus as it:
» Enhances communication
» Builds imagination through role play
» Involves children in themes related to important  life skills
» Encourages JOEYS to master their gross motor skills
» Develops the senses

The JOEYS syllabus is a simple, colourful resource that is durable, light and easy for our JOEYS to handle so they take ‘ownership’ and enjoy recording their progress. In this way we are encouraging a desire to learn, self-expression, initiative, independence, satisfaction in completing a task, self-confidence and concentration.

The JOEYS program focuses on 2 themes per term or ‘Round’.
Each theme is linked to an ‘under the sea’ animal or creature that has characteristics like our themes.
For example, Sandie the Seal has fantastic CONTROL balancing a ball on her nose, Terry the Turtle swims deep with CONFIDENCE, Chrissy the Crab uses her eyes to FOCUS on the food and her claws to catch it.

This helps our JOEYS relate to the important message the Instructor is conveying with play, imagination, imitation and creativity through the sea creatures.

It doesn’t matter when our JOEYS start the program as each Round is stand alone with other themes underlying the strength of the Round.

Reward Cards are included in the JOEYS Syllabus. JOEYS aim to achieve a shiny bronze sticker each week. This gives JOEYS a sense of achievement and pride when they receive their sticker to take home and position in the Syllabus.

Certificates are presented during the last class of each Round with congratulations to those moving up to Little Ninjas.

We have a target date for promotion around the age of 5 but it will happen when the student is ready – perhaps slightly after, with discussion between Parent and Instructor. 

The JOEYS Parent Guide at the back of the Syllabus is for reference to course structure, tape code, an example of class content and much more. 

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