About Hall's Taekwondo

Hall’s Taekwondo is for Everyone

» Halls Taekwondo offers programs designed specifically to suit your individual needs, whether you are a young child, a teenager, or an adult male or female

» Modern approach to 'Fitness with Meaning' sets Hall’s Taekwondo apart from other schools

» Focused not only on self-defence skills, but also on the complete personal development of each student

» Individual attention allows you to progress quickly and easily toward your personal goals

» Instructors are positive role models teaching the importance of strong character, leadership and good values

Origin of  Taekwondo?

» Korean martial art

» Origin dates back to 2333 BC

» Taekwondo literally translated means “Foot-Fist-Art”

» Now practised internationally as a sport not only as a martial art

» Recognised for the first time ever, as a full medal sport at Sydney 2000 Olympics. Martin Hall participated as Olympic Coach, and four students from Hall’s were selected into the eight-member Australian Team.

» Lauren Burns from Hall's Taekwondo won an Olympic Gold Medal; the first ever in Taekwondo history.

Benefits of Taekwondo

» Instils a positive attitude
» Builds confidence and self esteem
» Teaches the importance of strong values and good character
» Promotes the desire to learn
» Teaches self discipline
» Instils respect for themselves and for others
» Improves performance in other sports
» Improves study habits
» Increases overall concentration
» Improves fitness, toning and controls weight
» Helps you build habits and disciplines that will impact other areas of your life
» Teaches you breathing and concentration exercises to sharpen your reflexes
» Teaches you relaxation techniques to relieve stress
» Makes you realise the power of the body and the mind as the key to increased energy and self-discipline
» Enhances your flexibility and improves your fitness for a longer, happier life


Hall's Taekwondo Instructors Accreditation

Hall's Taekwondo Centres and Instructors are affiliated with the following organisations:

» Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA)
» Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU)
» Australian Olympic Committee (AOC)
» World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)
» Kukkiwon (KKW)