Advantages of Hall's Taekwondo

Why choose Hall's Taekwondo?

10 things our students say set us apart from the rest...

1. Quality full-time facilities: commitment and standard

2. Vast timetables enabling you to do as many classes as you like for the one monthly fee!

3. Generous Instructors who want you to be even more successful than themselves 

4. Age specific programs supported with 'take home' syllabuses

5. Specific 'Beyond Black Belt' syllabus fulfilling promises to constantly improve valued members.

6. Well organised Clubs with inspirational role models

7. A Dedicated Team of full-time staff with standardised staff training under 8th Dan Grandmaster, Martin Hall.

8. Regular well organised Events and Club Championships at SNHC or MSAC building confidence through participation.  Total transparency of student standards at Hall's Taekwondo events when all students are brought together.

9. Emphasis on developing the whole person from the inside out

10. Affiliations nationally and internationally; the best you can get.  All Hall's Taekwondo Black Belts are internationally registered at Kukkiwon, Taekwondo's training Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.  Affiliations include:
» World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)
» Olympic opportunities
» Sports Taekwondo Australia membership benefits