Term 3, 2017

Week 5 from Monday 14 August
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Week 6 from Monday 21 August
» Thursday 24 August: Women’s Self Defence @ ALL Centres 7:30 – 8:30pm

Week 7 from Monday 28 August
» Monday 28th August: All Centres preparing for Gradings @ SNHC, Parkville. Start bringing your grading books to class.
» Saturday 02 September: Junior classes (Joeys, Ninjas, Commando, Leaders) – Sports themed Dress-Up Day.
Team up with your Parent in class for Sports themed Dress-Up Day to share this fun Taekwondo session with you!
Dad’s a good choice so close to Father’s Day.
» Sunday 03 September: Father’s Day

Week 8 from Monday 04 September
» Thursday 07 September: Ground Self Defence @ Heidelberg 8:30-9:30pm

Week 9 from Monday 11 September

Week 10 from Monday 18 September
» Saturday 23 September: Centres closed. Rest Day for Gradings- open only for birthday parties & JOEYS classes.
» Sunday 24 September: GRADINGS @ State Netball Hockey Centre, Parkville- All day event at scheduled times

Monday 25th September: Black Belt Graduation @ Tullamarine Centre- no regular classes this evening

School Holiday Timetable commences Tuesday 26th September – Sunday 8th October

Term 4, Centre timetables kick-in Monday 9 October.


Term 3_ 2017