Working with Schools

Single sessions, multiple block sessions or ongoing programs for small or large school groups.

Come to one of our modern fitness centres, exclusive to you during the day or our expert instructors can come to you.

Tailored to suit your needs, see below examples of what we can do for you:

Basic Taekwondo

Learn the foundations of the world’s most popular martial art; basic kicking, blocking and self defence. Gain confidence and try something new whilst learning martial art values, discipline and self respect.

Self Defence

Male/Female/Mixed focus as required. Learn how to turn fear into freedom. Students will learn to be street safe and how to defend
themselves should a dangerous situation arise. Importantly, they will learn to avoid dangerous situations with a sensible mindset respecting themselves and others.

Fitness Challenge

Motivate students to take their health and fitness seriously by getting students moving and enjoying physical activity. Help them discover fitness with meaning and challenge them to be fit for life.

Bully Proof

Educate students in how to avoid, resolve and manage conflicts with bullies. Prevent students from becoming bullies by teaching awareness and self control.
Teaching respect for each other through a martial arts mindset.

Motivational Coaching

Successful coaching that students can take beyond sport, to all areas of their lives. They will learn about winning habits, stepping out of their comfort zone and developing a mentality that will encourage consistent aspirations to achieve their personal best.




Easy to work with. You come to one of our full time centres or we bring our equipment to your school. We can take care of everything.

Skills For Life

Emphasis on character building; developing the whole person from the inside and out.

Winning Habits

Simple and easy habits that build confidence, self-esteem and healthy body image.


Full time instructors since 1984; professional, well organised and committed long term. We have been teaching in schools for over 25 years.

Relationships Long Term

We understand the development of children of different ages and we have cultivated programs to target specific age groups and abilities.

Positive Results

Reflected in testimonials from teachers who say our influence improves students’ approach to school work and peers. Instructors are great role models inspiring success.

Tailored To Suit Your Needs

Programs are flexible and can be adapted to meet your desired outcomes and availability.

Value For Money

We combine education with entertainment for lasting impact with students.


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