Adults Taekwondo - developing a black belt mindset with a proven fitness winner!

All classes are carefully planned and designed to progress you steadily towards Black Belt.

Enjoying the process, you will create winning habits and disciplines that will positively affect other areas of your life.

These disciplines are essential to recognise and handle self-defence situations, build confidence and self-esteem.   Strong physical workouts in Taekwondo are proven stress relievers!  You will tone up and feel great when you practise Taekwondo.

» Flexibility will be enhanced with an introduction to safe and easy stretching techniques

» Breathing and concentration exercises will sharpen your reflexes, relieve stress and develop relaxation techniques.

» You will realise that the power of the body and mind is the key to increased energy, self-discipline and fitness for a longer, happier life.

Self-defence is integrated into all Taekwondo classes at Hall's Taekwondo – Fitness with Meaning.

In addition, for those who want more from themselves, we offer many other Adult programs through Club Kaizen to further enhance fitness, have fun in a specific fitness/skill group or hone in on certain skills.