Young Black Belts are invited to join Demo Team programs as part of their Beyond Black Belt training.

Demo Teams enjoy the friendships and team aspects of training.

Instructors seek creativity from students and the courage to try new things.  Students respond with enthusiasm and excitement.

» Discipline

» Teamwork

» Co-operation

» Taekwondo Mastery

» Repetition

» Social Skills

Performance is an integral part of Demo Training and with performance comes a set of standards related to behaviour and etiquette.  Students learn the value of repetition and slow, patient improvement.

Leaders and Teens constantly amaze Instructors with their level of maturity and responsibility during performance and attendance at events. 

We thank parents for entrusting their children to experience the thrill and excitement of demonstrations! 

As students progress in performance some may be asked to try out for Demo Team Xtreme.  Demo Team Captains continue to be involved themselves as part of award winning Demo Team Xtreme.  You can be certain the leadership is world class!