We make it Easy with our Intro Program

For just $25, Hall's Taekwondo offers you a very special Introductory Program that includes one private lesson for personal assessment, one regular class recommended after the asessment, loan uniform for both the lessons, and much more. 

We really look after you with your first lesson being the private lesson: "I went to another place and I got totally lost and confused. I went to Halls and I loved it. The people were cool, I had fun and learnt something straight away. Go Halls!" - Phillip 14 yrs old

From day one, we are committed to building your motivation, self esteem, health and fitness.

We have trained, qualified, professional instructors who give you the individual attention you deserve and look after you during 2 private or semi-private lessons.  Family members are welcome to participate in the private lesson at no extra charge.

You can call right now on 9330.0032 to be diverted to the club nearest you and one of our helpful, friendly staff will explain the program in just 2 minutes.
Or contact us via our website.

The Intro Program includes:

•  The use of a brand new uniform for the 2 lessons.
•  The first lesson is "one on one" with your instructor and the second lesson is in a regular class situation to see whether the recommended class is right for you.
•  During the lessons you will learn a variety of Taekwondo skills so that you really understand what we offer, where you're headed and how long it will take you to get there.
•  Your Intro Instructor makes time to sit down with you after assessing you on your desire, attitude, confidence, reaction, balance, co-ordination and goals and answer your questions.
This is the ideal way to discover if you would like to start on the path to black belt

Value Added

You'll see the value in your Taekwondo development at one of our specialised full-time training facilities.

As well as the physical aspects of Taekwondo you will learn the secrets to increased energy and a healthier outlook on life.

Programs to suit everyone

•    Separate classes for Joeys 3-4 yrs, Little Taekwondo Ninjas 5-6 yrs, Commandos 7-9 yrs, Leaders 10-12 yrs, Teens 13-16 yrs, Adults 17 yrs +
•    White Belt to Black Belt and Beyond with our unique 360º Taekwondo Syllabus
•    Competition opportunities at Club, Victorian State, Australian National and International levels.
•    Club Kaizen for a Black Belt in Health through Personal Training, Fighting Fit to avoid and manage whatever life throws your way, Bootcamp for the fitness fanatics, the  8 Week Challenge and exciting Bali Adventure.

More about our Taekwondo Programs and more about Club Kaizen.