Joeys Taekwondo

Joeys Taekwondo is for little kids who can't wait to get started!

This 3 & 4 year old program, with Mum or Dad, is extremely popular.  David tells you why:

"Every Saturday morning for the past 18 months has been a bundle of excitement in our house, words chime early in my ear before the sound of any alarm clock.

“Dad, get up we have Joey's today!” Secretly I am excited too.

Halls Taekwondo has provided a great opportunity for my son and I, to connect in an extremely enjoyable, safe and supportive environment with a class specifically tailored to his age needs.

My son was quite shy before starting Joey's and in the months he has attended he has come out of his shell making friends with children his own age, the staff and having a great time with Dad.

The instructors are fantastic; they mentor and encourage the proactive involvement of both myself and my son in every activity to learn the early fundamentals of Taekwondo as well as basic life skills, to focus, to listen, to have awareness and be self confident.

The fact that I roll around like a monkey, roar like a lion, jump like a kangaroo or stomp like a bear only adds to the enormous smile my son has from my participation in Hall's Joey's. We have been able to carry on at home the excitement of the class through out the week and to be honest, as the adage goes, “You get what you put in”…the more I put in the more smiles, joy, confidence I see from my son.

I would highly recommend for any parent young or old, to jump in fully and have fun. It has even enticed me to personally learn Taekwondo, after all, if my son becomes a black belt at the age of 10 or 11, I'll need to keep up with him!

Thank you Hall's. A great idea and great family environment, keep it up! Regards, David Ferguson."

If you'd like to be like David and his son Riley, highlighting co-ordination & life skills through the vehicle of Taekwondo in a fun, healthy, positive environment backed up with healthy messages and themes, give us a call on 1300gohalls.

We offer a simple, one visit per week membership for our Joeys and no gradings at this level.
Joeys uniforms, unique to this age group, are part of the Joeys Take Home Pack.