Children, aged 10-12 years, cope best in life when they have the confidence to lead.  The confidence to lead themselves in good choices and the confidence to lead their friends in a positive way. We want them to be aware of their growing strength and be responsible with their skills.

By calling this age group 'Leaders' we have a constant reminder of the confidence and responsibility we want to encourage.

This is also a time when training in preparation for the demands and challenges of secondary schooling is important. 

There are many physical, emotional, social and intellectual challenges this age group faces.  With positive, active development, your child will face the transition to teenager with an enthusiastic outlook.

Important to this age group is :

» Dealing with conflict by learning how to resolve it in a non-violent way

» Avoid being a victim of bullying

Classes are designed to develop focus, independence and self-reliance.

Benefits of training include physical stress relief, a clear and focused mind.

We can help shape your child into a Leader, a dreamer and a character that brings out the best in his or her personality.

We like to see students have a strong sense of self.  Learning to dream and believe that dream can become a reality through commitment and physical determination.

»  Controlled eagerness to learn, determined, challenged and active.