Little Ninjas

This program has been designed to meet the specific stages of 5 & 6 year olds concentrating on their 8 basic listening and motor skills:

» Listening

» Focus

» Control

» Attitude

» Confidence

» Discipline

» Awareness

» Teamwork

Children this age are in a unique growth period of their life.  We recognise their physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills and  train them in a fast, fun, encouraging manner that rewards and motivates. 

Little Ninjas are rewarded with coloured belts unique to their program, before they are old enough to start on the path to Black Belt.

Separate classes according to belt levels within this age group.

» Little Ninjas learn Taekwondo based on fun, safe and creative learning drills.

» They develop strong friendships among themselves with Instructors leading as positive role models.
It really is base training for Early Learners who are:

Quick, Moving, Curious, Fun-loving and most importantly, our future!