Poomsae Perfect

Poomsae or formwork, is a method of solo training in which the individual practises and perfects various movements in systematic patterns, using techniques against imaginary opponents.

In this way, the Taekwondo practitioner is able to apply his technical knowledge and develop speed, power, balance, grace, rhythm and a sense of timing.

Because Poomsae is practised without a partner, the individual is able to focus totally on his own performance, without distraction. Thus he develops not only physical skills, but also depth of concentration, dedication and a strong, positive mental attitude.
These attributes lead to the development of the mental discipline, the single-mindedness and the strength of character, which is part of the Taekwondo spirit.

On the Path to Black Belt and Beyond, new patterns are taught at every Cycle. Specific Poomsae classes are timetabled for students who want more and enjoy the technicalities of Poomsae.