Private Lessons

Are you currently meeting your desired goals in Taekwondo? 

Is there a skill that you just can’t get right?  The answer may be to have a Private Lesson with one of our instructors to fine tune those stumbling blocks.

Whilst you are currently training at Hall’s Taekwondo, you may be considering to:

» further improve your current skills?
» catch up if you’ve missed class due to absence / illness / holidays?
» aim for excellence or simply wanting to perfect certain techniques?

In 20 minutes, a Private Lesson will help you achieve your desired goals.  How?
» Dedicated Private Instructor
» First 2 minutes establishes your personal desired outcomes
» What do you want to achieve from your private lesson?
» You and your Private Instructor work in a one on one session with personal attention and tips to help you improve and reach your desired outcome

» After your Private Lesson, the assessment and feedback continues during your next class.

» Your Head Instructor will check that your desired outcome from your private lesson has been achieved and that you are satisfied with your skill level.

Enquire Now to build your confidence.