Sparring Skills

Although non-contact Sparring is an integral part of a dynamic Taekwondo Class, students with an interest in competition benefit from specific Sparring classes that are very skill based.

Sparring Class lays the foundation for an athlete to reach their full potential.  Sparring class is suitable to students developing an interest in sparring and competition as well as the seasoned player who needs to maintain and improve his/her standard.

Coaches design pathways specific to students' belt levels and upcoming competitions whether they are simply Club Championships, State or National Championships.
Benefits of Sparring Class are:

» Quick reflexes towards increased physical, mental and emotional development
» Age specific interraction, being accurately matched for fair and worthwhile sparring practise

» Specific guidance towards training and competition preparation and recovery

Students interested in Sparring Class can join in any time as part of their regular Taekwondo membership.