Meet the Team

Hall's Taekwondo

About Robert Dullard
  • 6th Dan Black Belt 
  • Deputy Principal / Secondary Teaching
  • Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education Studies and Master of Educational Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Theology
  • Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • NCAS (TA) & NCAS (STA)
  • Working with Children Card
  • Witnessing other peoples' success
  • Achieving 6th Dan
  • More than 25 years continuous training
  • Competed and Coached in many State and National Championships
  • Coached and mentored at International Championships
Why Robert loves Taekwondo
I love being a part of Hall's Taekwondo because it combines my passion for fitness and sport with an exceptionally positive lifestyle and mindset. I particularly enjoy the fact that we all share a strong sense of family; friendship and connection and that each individual is considered a significant member of our club; no matter who or what they be.

I truly believe this aspect of building real friendships and a sense of belonging has had; and continues to have; a wonderful impact on our members in terms of improving their general health and well-being and this can only be attributed to the awesome family values that Martin and Jeanette have instilled within the culture of the club.

In my field as an educator; I have met many; many people and leaders with wonderful talents but none have I ever met with the motivational power; passion; energy; enthusiasm; commitment; drive; compassion; vibrancy and imagination as Martin. Never a class goes by without some pearl of wisdom being passed on to all to ponder and I endeavour to absorb the essence or crux of each and look for avenues to instil them within my life - sporting; work and personal.

To be completely honest; in my 45 years of life; I have never been in awe of anyone like I am of Martin. He is an amazing man; with wonderful qualities and unbelievable charisma. His never ending pursuit and total commitment to make Hall's Taekwondo and everyone associated with it better and better is simply inspiring. As a result; I can't help but long to get to training each and every class because Hall's Taekwondo has helped to shape who I am and its values are truly entrenched within my lifestyle.