What our clients say

  • I was lucky enough to attend Martin’s seminar. Fun, Powerful and Thought Provoking. Rebooted my whole thought process and made me challenge myself about what’s important in work and home life. Just brilliant. Martin you’re an absolute legend and passion for what you do after 49 years – inspiring. A must for every corporate conference or offsite.

    Justin Mills, Executive General Manager – Vicinity Centres

  • I wish to congratulate you and your team for the new Syllabus and Grading books. Stunning in every aspect. They are remarkable in content and quality, The presentation is engaging and the format is well constructed. The children cannot put them down, immersed in every page and asking dozens of questions. Looking at the finer details including the cellosheen on the cover, to the certificates and stock of choice, there has been no expense spared and I would think they would rival the best in the industry anywhere on the planet. For many years I've been involved in marketing and media and it's certainly a result to be proud of. I found the books culturally informative and intuitive, It truly amazes me how well your syllabus and every aspect of your business for that matter is so well tuned. I have family in Perth and QLD and some have come to watch the children's classes while visiting us, and neither have found anything close to your program in their respective states to send their children off to. I do feel strong gratification that my kids are part of your program and we’re very lucky to have found it. I should also mention the amazing teaching skills of Jerry who has been involved in the childrens classes since they were 4 yo. I'm engaged to his way of teaching young ones each week I watch him work. Just another feather in your cap. Well done!

    Mano Stephan

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU for organising the Poomsae and Sparring Marathons for the kids last weekend. It was a great idea and without it I wouldn't have been able to raise the money to send Shannyn to the Oceania Championships in French Polynesia (Tahiti). The funds she has raised have made a huge difference to us and I am very grateful.

    Dee Bourke

  • To all the Hall's Team, I just wanted to say many thanks for all the hard work you put into the Gradings. I know it’s huge and it’s all for the kids and students. I can see the effort put in by all the staff at Hall's. As a parent we just get the kids ready and there on time to do well. We leave them in your truly capable hands. I have seen Charlie and Kate grow in self-confidence and I can really see the value of Taekwondo in their development. Kate often talks about getting her black belt and continuing after that. She has a drive to be part of the Demo Team and will work hard to achieve her goals. Charlie just loves the training and then going to Grading and getting his new belt. The Grading is his highlight. Driving home, he asked 'how long before the next one?' Thank you Martin, Jeanette and all the Instructors and people behind the scenes who make the whole day run so smoothly.

    Michael O’Connell

  • Your guidance and support in helping us to raise our little man, Orlando is phenomenal and your intuitive understanding of his soft little nature is very much appreciated. Your beliefs and teachings are right up there with what Kris and I as parents are always trying to demonstrate to our children. His classes, experiences and little life lessons with you are shaping him to understand what he can achieve and how he deserves to be treated. Yesterday's Club Championships were a big challenge for him but he made the loudest kiaps I've ever heard him make and I was the silly proud Mum with the little tear in her eye. He dug deep and pulled out courage he didn't know he had and processed the win some/lose some messages so well! THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping to teach Orli some of life's most valuable lessons. Your impact on his little life is very much valued and appreciated.

    Marcelle and Kris Miller

  • Every Saturday morning for the past 18 months has been a bundle of excitement in our house. Words chime early in my ear before the sound of any alarm clock. ‘Dad, get up we have Joey’s today!’ Secretly I am excited too. Hall’s Taekwondo has provided a great opportunity for my son and I to connect in an extremely enjoyable, safe and supportive environment with a class specifically tailored to his age needs. The instructors are fantastic; they mentor and encourage the proactive involvement of both myself and my son in every activity to learn the early fundamentals of taekwondo as well as basic life skills – to focus, to listen, to have awareness and be self-confident. I would highly recommend for any parent young or old to jump in fully and have fun. It has even enticed me to personally learn taekwondo. After all, if my son becomes a black belt at the age of 10 or 11, I’ll need to keep up with him! Thank you Hall’s. A great idea and great family environment. Keep it up!

    David Ferguson

  • A big THANK YOU to the Hall’s team for having such a fantastic facility at Tullamarine. My son Cameron does Little Ninjas on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and since beginning his confidence levels have skyrocketed. Cameron just loves going to taekwondo. In addition, the trainers, Luke, Nathan, Tiffiny and Mel, should be commended on a fantastic job they do with the kids. I have nothing but fabulous things to say about them and the program. Well done!

    Connie D’Souza, Tullamarine

  • Since my son Cameron started at Hall’s Tullamarine approximately 6 months ago he has been fantastic. Thanks especially to Luke, Nathan and all the family at Hall’s Tullamarine. I am 46 and decided that if my son can do it then I should join him and ‘have a go’. I have joined and wish that I had done it years ago. It is the best thing that I have done for myself. I love every session (even though it is hard work). I cannot say enough for the dedicated and patient staff (especially for us older students). I really feel like part of what I know as the ‘Hall’s family’; it is sensational.

    Tony Campion

  • I look forward to my classes every single week. I work long, stressful hours and I enjoy the emotional and physical benefits a good, hard class of full on training gives me. I draw strength and inspiration from my instructors and my classmates, young and old. This enables me to face the dog-eat-dog corporate world in which I work, head on. TKD at Hall’s is more than just training sessions and a path to black belt – it's a holistic approach to a better life.

    George Buscema

  • Hi there. Before I started taekwondo I was so shy and had no confidence at all. Taekwondo has helped me to come out of my shell and have heaps of confidence. I am also now very loud and much stronger. I have also benefited from taekwondo by gaining more friends and leadership skills. My goal is to get to black belt. I’m not going to give in and quit. Thank you Hall’s!


  • I have never enjoyed training as much as my time here. This shows you how advanced Hall’s Taekwondo is to other clubs around Australia. I recommend Hall’s to any person who wishes to give taekwondo a go. You will not be disappointed. Thank you.

    Paul Symons

  • Dear Martin and Jeanette. Thank you to Hall’s Taekwondo for the fantastic job you did on Saturday at the gradings. I loved the way you included the brothers and sisters of the Little Ninjas and Commandos when giving out the Easter eggs. They were excited to be a part of the action. I thought of it as a little something for them as they are always supporting their big sister Regina in her efforts to do and be the best she can. My mother-in-law also loved the demonstration from Demo Team Xtreme. She could not stop raving about them, especially the young boy who was the star of the show. It was fantastic to see someone so young do such a wonderful job. He was a great inspiration to all the young children and adults alike! It was especially great to hear Regina say that when she gets bigger that’s what she’ll be doing. Having seen the demonstration really opened her eyes at just what you can achieve with hard work and dedication, not that she doesn’t already do that. A big thanks to you both, and all your dedicated staff who do a fantastic job as well. You have a great team and should be proud of them.

    Rose Evangelou

  • Hi to all that have made a difference to me and my family’s life ... Thanks to the team at Hall’s Tullamarine for your encouragement, time, patience, expertise and motivation. Since my son Adam, husband Carmine and myself have joined your club we have united as a family more than ever. It’s amazing how fit and focused we are in life in general; whether at work, home, at the park, we have more energy, determination, focus etc. I cannot thank you enough for all your time. I cannot speak highly enough of your club and crew; you are all amazing. Thanks once again for making a difference.

    Sonia Cambareri

  • My wife and I arranged a birthday party for our 2 boys, aged 3 and 5, and 38 children in all attended, and double that number again in adults and friends. We were totally amazed with the way all of the children were made to feel so valued and an important part of the day. Also memorable was the look on the faces of the parents and friends gathered, amazed and glazed, so proud of these their mainly kindergarten aged and younger kids, bright and enthusiastic, totally alive and glowing, so young and yet so involved in every aspect of the proceedings. Today, Monday, I have been inundated in thanks for such a great party that involved not only the children but the adults also. Sad to reflect we cannot take the credit; all we did was book the party and you did the rest. Thank you for a wonderful day.

    Lucy Van Bergen

  • We have been using Hall’s Taekwondo to provide our Personal Safety program at MLC for the past 5 years. We have been extremely pleased with the quality, professionalism and most importantly, the way in which they teach our students about personal awareness, trusting your instincts and avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Hall’s Taekwondo have tailored each course to suit specific year levels / age groups and we have been so impressed that we continue to extend our program each year. The lessons the instructors teach our students are invaluable life lessons and our students thoroughly enjoy participating. I couldn’t recommend Hall’s Taekwondo highly enough.

    Methodist Ladies College (MLC)

  • For the past 10 years, Hall’s Taekwondo have been facilitating a personal safety and self-awareness program with our Year 9 and 10 students. As part of the program, Hall’s have provided our students with the opportunity to develop a range of self defence skills as well as an understanding of strategies that they can implement to keep themselves safe. Our students have found the program to be highly engaging and informative. The enthusiasm, passion and knowledge that Hall’s Taekwondo have brought to the program has ensured that it remains an essential component of our Year 9 and 10 Health and Physical Education curriculum.

    Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC)

  • It has been a fantastic year. Hall’s Taekwondo is very reliable and always provides students with an engaging and worthwhile experience. We really appreciate your professionalism and wonderful energy and enthusiasm.

    Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School (PEGS)

  • Both speakers were great – I had the wrong mindset when we first discussed the board breaking idea and that all delegates had to break one. But you know, Martin had all our delegates buying into the presentation and I'm proud to say that YES I did break my board. It was very cool, so if you get an opportunity to attend his session, it’s worth it. We had ‘awesome’ feedback from our group here in NZ.

    Joanna Fifita, Foodstuffs, New Zealand

  • I have just watched your guys on TV and thought they were amazing. Congratulations to Hall’s and all the guys in the team. I have cast my vote for them and have asked all our Taekwondo members to do the same. All the best ... hopefully they will get into the Grand Final.

    Ange, Tasmania

  • Martin, we have been at Tullamarine since it opened ... many thanks for not having a good club but a GREAT FANTASTIC CLUB and family environment. I have seen my kids develop into strong, positive, confident children. This is because of the training and desire to be successful and always wanting to improve and go the next step. The instructors at Hall’s are always so positive and committed to what they preach and have good ethics towards anything that can help. My kids are in the bunch that will be going for their black belt at Tullamarine. Thanks again for making my kids blossom in the right environment and showing them they can achieve something in life with hard work. Having seen my kids develop this way, my wife and I have also joined Hall’s and we are loving it as well. Again, many thanks to the staff at Hall’s for their passion and desire to make the kids and adults achieve their goals.

    The Hemala family