7–14 years old

Developing Character and Control

Taekwondo classes build confidence and character as young children face the challenges of growth, school, responsibility, peer pressure and becoming a teenager. Our Juniors programs cover a range of age-appropriate and well researched teaching methods that guide developing young minds and bodies. We find that our juniors truly begin to embody the tenets of taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control in the expression of their unique and indomitable spirit.


For just $9 you will have 7 days’ exclusive access to online classes plus one livestream class at Foundation Level.

Explore a library of beginner’s Taekwondo with bonus fitness activities for children and adults of all ages. Little Taeks have added Happy Fit and Adults have HIIT and FLOW. Everyone benefits from our tips on creating new habits.

After your Intro you can virtually train online to black belt. As a member of Hall’s Taekwondo you are always welcome to attend classes at our full-time Centres. But it’s all about YOU and your distance, availability and scheduling.

Our Juniors Programs



Our first Juniors program starts kids on the path to black belt. Children at this age are sharper and more focused, and research shows that we can target eight important learning areas: agility, technique, courage, intensity, flexibility, perseverance, speed and concentration. Our Commandos work in small groups, where they feel safe and secure. Training develops character and discipline, social skills, positive attitudes to learning and the courage to have a go.



This is the perfect age to encourage children’s confidence to make good choices, and apply their skills and strengths responsibly. As children start to transition into teenagers and secondary school, our program helps them face new challenges, deal with conflict and develop independence. With encouragement, children develop focus, but also the boldness to dream, and believe that their dreams can become reality through commitment and physical determination.