Little Taeks

4–6 years old

Building Confidence and Base Training

Our Little Taeks programs are for kids who can’t wait to get started. Children love the excitement of the dojang (literally ‘place of instruction’) and our qualified and experienced Hall’s Taekwondo instructors seem like superheroes. Classes are tailored, safe and supportive, and teach lifelong foundations in skill and confidence. Parents of Little Taeks also love the opportunity to feel their child’s excitement, communicate openly and experience meaningful connections.



Joeys is our earliest age group, where kids who are close to turning four learn about confidence, listening, awareness and respect by immersing themselves in a fun, colourful underwater sea animal theme. Our instructors understand childhood development, and introduce fundamentals with simple, fun and safe activities. Class commitment is a convenient one visit per week, there are no gradings, and the unique Joeys uniform is part of our Joeys Take Home Pack.

Little Ninjas


Little Ninjas is carefully designed to concentrate on eight basic skills relevant to this age group: listening, focus, control, attitude, confidence, discipline, awareness and teamwork. Classes and drills are active and motivating, with coloured belts to reward development and divide students safely into skill groups. Little Ninjas develop curiosity, coordination and strong friendships. They also get to jump around like a kangaroo, roar like a lion and stomp like a bear!