Our Education Programs

Hall's Taekwondo

Extraordinary Skills, Outstanding Values

Each Hall’s Taekwondo education program is founded on systematic, holistic education principles.

Taekwondo is much more than a physical discipline, and our club philosophy never loses sight of the life lessons that accompany physical and emotional growth.

Whether your child is just starting as a Little Taek or you’re honing your craft with continuous black belt improvement, the experiences you’ll receive at Hall’s Taekwondo are underpinned by strong, lifelong teaching and learning themes.

From the training floor to schools, workplaces, communities and the home, Hall’s Taekwondo encourages the pursuit of extraordinary skill backed by outstanding character. We welcome you to try the Hall’s approach to learning with meaning.

  • Instructor Courses
    For advanced martial arts students wanting to launch a teaching career, Hall’s provides comprehensive training and on-the-job experience.
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  • Joeys Syllabus
    The Joeys Syllabus develops young children’s senses, fosters communication, builds imagination and introduces important life themes.
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  • Little Ninjas Syllabus
    Little Ninjas respond to storytelling. The syllabus introduces life and taekwondo skills through endearing animals and meaningful obstacles.
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  • TKD 360° Syllabus
    Our philosophy of continous improvement is embodied in TKD 360°, where we unify martial arts thinking to strive for a black belt and beyond.
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  • Black Belt Syllabus
    Beyond Black Belt is a systematic rotational syllabus for black belts that fosters continuous training, improvement and character growth.
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  • In Schools
    We work with students on simple, confidence-building skills in a controlled setting to improve fitness, balance, coordination and mindset.
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