Bully Proof Your Kids

The Power of Choice

Bully Proof Your Kids

In a theme that runs right across our age-specific programs, Hall’s Taekwondo teaches children how to recognise and deal with conflict. Our core message is that we can stop conflict before it starts. We believe our teaching, along with growing physical and emotional confidence, is the perfect way to become bully proof.

Children learn not only how to recognise a bully, but how to stand in a bully’s shoes. They learn the power of choice, that fear brings courage, that non-violence shows great strength and that there are many ways to take a stand.


We teach children to ARM themselves with three lines of self defence,  beginning with the most powerful tool they have – their thoughts. When they understand the power of their rational minds, they learn to AVOID conflict through awareness and prevention, RESOLVE conflict via non-violent verbal skills, or MANAGE conflict only when necessary using their physical resources.

Integrated Learning

Our curriculum approaches the following topics from many angles and with different activities, given children an awesome foundation in social and emotional wisdom.

  • Become mentally stronger by understanding a bully’s point of view
  • Convert negative into positive thinking to strengthen your mind
  • Cultivate stillness so that you can fill yourself with understanding
  • Develop awareness to shine a light on tricky situations and act fast
  • Face and conquer old and new fears with appropriate action
  • Learn to see clearly, understand immediately and act confidently
  • Let form and movement take you beyond fear and aggression
  • Realise that not fighting is a pathway to ending the fight
  • See only what’s really in front of you in a difficult situation
  • Think quickly on your feet to take charge without fighting
  • Understand yourself and others to stop conflict before it starts
  • Use authority responsibly by telling others and taking a stance