Working with Schools

Respect and Confidence

Working with Schools

We love working with schools and groups to promote respect, health and fitness, street safety, self defence and conflict resolution. Our content is developed by qualified teachers especially for schools, with an emphasis on values and character building. Content can be further tailored to suit your needs.

Along with teaching students the foundations of the world’s most popular martial art, we promote skills for life, strong values, discipline and confidence, as well as the opportunity and reward of trying something new.

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Our expert instructors can come to your campus, or you can book one of our centres exclusively for single sessions, multiple block sessions, ongoing programs or holiday activities. Perfect for small or large primary or secondary groups, youth groups, sports teams or YMCA groups. Participants can be all male, all female or mixed.

Tailored Content

The topics on this page are just a sample of what we can offer to your school, group or students. Talk to us about tailoring a package to suit your needs.

Personal Safety

Students learn how to protect their personal safety through self defence, self-control, social awareness, and avoiding danger with a sensible mindset.

Personal safety is our most-requested content.

Taekwondo Basics

Students learn simple, confidence-building skills in a controlled setting to improve their fitness, balance, coordination and, most of all, mindset.

Skills for Life

So much more than physical activity, our programs emphasise character building, and develop the whole person from inside and out.

Balancing Freedom and Fear

Students learn how to be street safe and avoid potential dangers, as well as how to use their voice and body to project confidence.

Motivational Coaching

Inspiring coaching that students can apply to sport and study. Students learn about who they are, winning habits and achieving their best.

Suited to Year 9 or 10 groups as they progress into specialised study.

Fitness Challenge

We get students motivated and moving to help them discover Fitness with Meaning and the lifelong benefits of a healthy mind and body.

Bully Proof Kids

In age-specific classes, we teach children the power of respect, how to recognise bullies, and how to stop bullying behaviour (even their own) before it starts.

Modelling Respect

Our instructors are inspiring role models, and their influence and enthusiasm improves students’ attitude to their peers, their sport and their schoolwork.