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Fitness with Meaning

Hall’s Taekwondo has a program for everyone.

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean martial code that translates as ‘Foot-Fist-Art’. It’s traditionally a lifelong pursuit that fosters discipline, values and a positive attitude.

At Hall’s Taekwondo, we embrace the teachings of taekwondo with our focus on Fitness with Meaning. We have a comprehensive syllabus of age-appropriate programs that can take you and your family from a safe, supportive one-on-one introduction to a black belt and beyond.

Every class is designed to be age and skill sensitive, whether you’re young or old, beginner or advanced. And every session will increase your strength and confidence.

Getting started is easy. Explore our classes and start changing your life today.

Our Programs
  • Get started VIRTUALLY
    Simply get started online, anywhere, anytime. As much or as little as you like. We have active workouts that make great sense to our new m…
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  • Get Started LOCATION
    Our intro program starts with a location based one-on-one private assessment where we teach you some basic skills and explore your fitness a…
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  • Little Taeks
    Our two Little Taeks programs are for young kids who can’t wait to get started with taekwondo in a safe, fun, positive and healthy setting.
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  • Juniors
    Our two Juniors programs start children on the path to their black belts with training that’s specific, safe and appropriately challenging.
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  • Adults
    Our programs for adults develop strength, flexibility, confidence and perseverance that will positively affect other areas of your life.
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  • Athlete Seminars
    Founder and 8th Dan Grandmaster Martin Hall runs regular masterclasses to share his lifelong experience and extensive technique.
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  • Team Demonstrations
    We invite enthusiastic young black belts to perform as part of an energetic demonstration team to enhance their Beyond Black Belt training.
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  • Feel Safe Sessions
    Learn about danger awareness and practical self defence with targeted and effective tactics for individuals, kids, women and families.
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  • ​HIIT 360°
    Our unique HIIT 360° combines martial arts with functional strength building. Non-members and members can attend a free one-week trial.
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