TKD 360° Syllabus


A Journey to Self-Mastery

Hall’s Taekwondo is a 'Black Belt Club'. We take our martial arts thinking to all aspects of life, and our integrated curriculum focuses on achieving self-mastery through achievable, constant and never-ending improvement.

Our proven Hall’s Taekwondo Systems set juniors as young as seven and adults of any age on the path to black belt and beyond. Our aim is to get you fit for life, and arm you with the attitudes and skills to challenge yourself and reach your goals.


Our unique TKD 360° Syllabus is anchored in character development and explores deep human needs and emotions. Teaching promotes:

  • a healthy body
  • a strong mind
  • a passionate heart
  • a centred spirit

Taekwondo is about combining action with attitude to challenge ourselves to be better, set bold goals and achieve our potential.

TKD 360° Syllabus

Taekwondo teaches self-defence and promotes peak physical fitness, but modern life challenges us with much more. Our integrated teaching develops not just physical but also intellectual, emotional and social skills and awareness. We encourage our black belt students to be curious, undaunted and passionate leaders.

Black Belt Cycles

Our 360° method teaches in cycles that correspond to one term (three months). There are 10 cycles in the syllabus. Each mastered cycle earns a new belt level.

  • All students start their journey in a Foundation cycle, learning skills that prepare them for the next cycle on their black belt journey
  • Each cycle systematically teaches challenging new skills so that whole classes move forward as one, developing camaraderie and a synergised mindset
  • To keep learning continuous and convenient, students can move into any one of eight different cycles after Foundation
  • After nine successful cycles, students move into the tenth cycle, Integration, and prepare for the transition to black belt and beyond
  • Grading is always age and skill appropriate, and our instructors carefully consider individual training history, expectations and goals
Syllabus Checklists and Grading Reports

Each student receives a comprehensive TKD 360° Syllabus folder that maps out the taekwondo art, fighting, self defence and mindset skills in each cycle. A systematic grading report for each cycle then tracks student progress against the curriculum and includes comments, valuable feedback and an overall assessment.

Integration to Black Belt and Beyond

As you work through the training program, you’re rewarded with belt level advances that acknowledge your achievement and personal growth.

Comprehensive Training Guide

The TKD 360° Syllabus folder includes comprehensive information on the history and philosophy of taekwondo, terminology, competition rules and the black belt exam.