Info for Parents

Sharing the Journey

Info for Parents

Hall’s Taekwondo is invested in sharing the responsibility of providing a stable, loving and supportive environment with the parents of our taekwondo students and athletes. As such, we promote open, positive and proactive communication.

At times, you’ll have questions or issues about your child’s progress, participation and sometimes intensive training and competition. Please just get in touch, as we’re here to listen, help and support where we can. 

Your Focus as Parents
Regular Attendance

A stable environment and consistent regular training will help your child on the path to success. Show your interest by ensuring your child’s regular attendance at class and by coming to gradings, championships or events as they appear in the calendar.

Managing Expectations

Children are sensitive to your expectations. You can help by making sure your expectations are realistic, and this can depend a great deal on your child’s age, skill and attitude. We also encourage parents not to underestimate their children!

Attitude is Everything

Children copy our attitudes. As we systematically teach our young athletes about respect, it’s important for parents to model equally positive attitudes towards coaches, officials, opponents and teammates at all times.

Value of Competition

Students benefit from organised competition in many ways, including self-discipline, sportsmanship and time management. Don’t be afraid to embrace this side of taekwondo – competition is always age-appropriate and carefully controlled.

Competitive Spirit

Competition, while sometimes tough, helps young athletes to experience failure along with success and learn that they’re two sides of the same coin. Help to maintain a positive environment by focusing on competition rather than winning.

Who to Contact
Class Attendance

If your child can’t make it to class, please call or email your child’s instructor or your centre’s reception ahead of time.

In an Emergency

Contact Head Office in Tullamarine on (03) 9330 0032 or info@hallstaekwondo.com.au

Special Assistance

If you think your child needs special help or you need to discuss something in confidence, you can make a daytime appointment with Head Office.

Programs and Classes

For program matters, contact the head instructor. For class matters, try your child’s instructor. If the instructor isn’t available, contact reception and leave a message. 

Policy and Organisation

For policy and organisational matters, contact reception and ask to speak to a centre manager or the directors.

We’re Here to Help

You can make an appointment to speak with an instructor, centre manager or directors Jeanette and Martin Hall at any time. We’re here to listen and help.