Black Belt Camp


Adventure Park, Geelong & YMCA Recreation Camp, Anglesea, Victoria

Inviting all Junior Black Belts to join us on 15th & 16th February 2020. Two great destinations over a whole weekend.

1/ Adventure Park, Geelong for fun outdoor activities on the way to
2/ Anglesea Recreation Camp for overnight stay and Camp Adventure.

Buses will leave Hall's Taekwondo Tullamarine Centre on Saturday 15th February @ 8:45am and arrive back 4:30pm Sunday. We are hoping for long warm days this time of year to maximise fun and fitness opportunities.

Activities will include all the fun activities that Geelong Adventure offers on the Saturday followed by Taekwondo Activities at Anglesea YMCA, Campfire and beach activities. Camp Taekwondo will be about trying something you wouldn’t normally do, with old friends and new, during times you wouldn’t normally train and in environments that are different. All your cool instructors will be there! LIMITED TO 54 BLACKBELTS - REGISTER NOW!

Event Details
  • Limited to 54 Black Belts
  • Hall's Taekwondo Black T-shirt will be purchases according to your size indication. They will be distributed on Sat 15th February before departure
  • Camp is to strengthen and build relationships between Students & Instructors
  • To help instil Black Belt mindset
  • To take students out of their comfort zone through new adventures
  • To build skills and drills in a Taekwondo strong environment
  • Refer to the flyer online for Camp itinerary & packing list